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Campsite adapted to cycling groups

Day 1
Bike tour from the campsite “the Ibie Valley” 60 km or 80 km.
You will love Drobie, a magnificent river full of fauna and flora: otter, beaver, fario trout… Keep your eyes open and you may have the chance to observe some during your walk.

It is on these steep slopes of the Drobie Valley that small canals flow, distributing water in meadows or chestnut groves.

camping Ardèche cyclisme

Day 2
Bike tour from the campsite “the Drobie valley and the Gorges de la Beaume” 62 km, 72 km and 87 km.
The R Drobie river snakes at the bottom of a narrow valley. In its clear waters live the otter, the beaver, the fario trout… At the bottom of the valley, on the most exposed slopes, vineyards and olive trees benefit from the Mediterranean influence.
On these steeper slopes, the béalières (canals or furrows dug in the ground) distribute water in meadows or chestnut groves. Many springs are converted into covered and vaulted fountains.

camping Ardèche vallée de la Drobie

Day 3
Bike tour from the campsite “Aiguèze and the Gorges de l’Ardèche” 56 km and 120 km.
Aiguèze is a medieval village on the heights of the Gorges de l’Ardèche. The Ardèche is full of particular geological formations, dug by the river for thousands of years.

camping Gorges de Ardèche

Day 4
Bike tour from the campsite “Les Vans and the Chassezac Valley” 60 km, 70 km or 80 km.
The Chassezac has dug deep and vertiginous gorges on the mountainside. Rock faces are a delight for lovers of steep cliffs and adventure sports.
These limestone cliffs are secret. They face the river and offer hikers who are eager for landscapes and atypical places many hiking trails.

We welcome you every evening to the pizzeria of the campsite, come and taste our Ardèche boards (cold meats and local cheese) as well as our homemade pizzas over a wood fire.

camping Ardèche avec circuit vélo
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