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Campsite Ardèche Sud » Campsite Laurac en Vivarais

Campsite in Laurac en Vivarais

Laurac-en-Vivarais, such a pretty little village away from the main road.
Our village is part of the canton de Largentière and the inhabitants of Laurac-en-Vivarais are called the Lauracois and Lauracoises.


In the past, a castle was built at the top of the village but it was destroyed, leaving room for the current church built from 1838 onwards.
The commune of Laurac reached its peak in 1851, the cultivation of silkworm was in full expansion.
In 1961, Laurac took the name Laurac-en-Vivarais.

Today you will find small walks from the village.
The market is on Thursdays from 8am to 1pm.

campsite at laurac en vivarais

Campsite Saint Amand is located on the outskirts of the village of Laurac, in Prends-Toi-Garde, on the banks of the Bullien, this small stream that you will find at the bottom of the campsite.
Previously this was written Saint-Amans and the full name was Saint-Amans des Termes. It was the centre of the very old parish which included Laurac and Montreal.

Where there is now the restaurant terrace and swimming pool, there was once the parish church and a cloister as well as a cemetery south of the priory, of which we have kept a cross. For a long time, we went on pilgrimage to the cross of Saint Amant, planted on the ruins of the church, to obtain the healing of toothache.

The church and priory of Saint-Amans des Termes were destroyed during the religious wars.

As for our hamlet Prends-Toi-Garde, it was previously called Croix du Perrier. What a strange name! But not so funny, it was mostly a warning! Bandits attacked stagecoaches and robbed rich travellers.
Today, we no longer fear anything but beware the crossing of Prends-Toi-Garde is limited to 50km/h !

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